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How To Apply Your Wall Decal

When your decal arrives:

Take the decal out of the box and lay it on a flat surface. You can put a couple books on it. It should lay flat for about 24 hours. This will help flatten the decal out and will make installing easier. When installing larger decals it's best to have a second person to help.

Test decal:

As you saw in our FAQ section, decals don't stick well to some wall and paint types. Please use the small test heart decal that is in your package first. Put it on the wall where you plan to install the decal. Leave it up for a couple of days. If you ordered more than one decal there will be a test decal for each one. If it does not stay, unfortunately your larger decal will not either. All is not lost though! You can put the decal on a mirror, piece of framed glass, plexi glass, metal, chalkboard ect. Basically any hard non-porous surface. This also means if you move the decal can go with you!  

Prep your decal for installation:

This step helps the vinyl stick to the transfer tape (top layer) so you can peel off the white backing paper (with the numbers on it). Put the decal on a table, graphic side up. Use a squeegee or credit card to run back and forth across the decal. Flip the decal over (graphic down on table) and firmly squeegee over the backside. 


Position your decal:

Position your vinyl sheet on the wall, centering the decal, and securing it with masking or painting tape. (The tape acts like a hinge for the project.) You can see the letters through the semi-transparent top layer. You may need to use a level to get it straight (Just like if you were hanging a picture frame). Double check the location of the decal on the wall. Remember you can only stick the decal to the wall one time. Now is the time to move if needed. 


Remove the backing:

Flip the decal upward and slowly peel off the bottom layer (bottom layer will say oracal). Start at the top corner and slowly peel the backing away from the top layer. You need to go slow so the lettering doesn't peel away from the top layer. If the lettering wants to stick to the backing, slowly manipulate the backing to help the letters stick to the top layer.)


Rub decal onto wall:

Use some kind of hard but gentle edge like a credit card or squeegee and firmly rub over the semi-transparent top layer to secure the decal to the wall. Work from the center out on both sides. You can also use your hand and push on the top layer to help the decal mold better to lightly textured walls.


Peel off the transfer tape:

Carefully peel off the sticky top layer to reveal your decal. Just like with the removal of the backing you need to go SLOW.  Start at a top corner and slowly work the transfer tape off.


You're Done!






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